I am Roric Hawkins, a dedicated Registered Nurse with a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. My journey in the healthcare sector commenced with the U.S. Army at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington D.C. Fresh out of Tuskegee University, I found myself day one entrusted with the responsibility of a charge nurse, the first of many roles I would assume over a professional journey of two decades.

Challenges have been a constant in my professional journey, but they have always been opportunities for growth. Embracing these challenges has led me to significant roles such as Nurse Manager, Safe Patient Handling and Mobility Program Manager, Consultant, and Director of Nursing. I believe in the strength of teamwork and the power of individual strengths to achieve common objectives.

Raised in a family of educators in Alabama, I was taught from an early age that excuses are hurdles to success. The principle that ‘anything worth having is worth working for’ has been a guiding philosophy in my personal and professional life.

I’ve always been passionate about clinical operations and process development. These passions stem from my hands-on experience at the bedside. My ability to bring together teams, nurture collaborations, and devise efficient strategies underpins my work and drives my commitment to the healthcare sector.

Having risen to the rank of Captain during my tenure in the Army, I appreciate that every individual’s contribution is essential to the success of any mission. My meticulous attention to detail, problem-solving skills, and focus on team synergy are essential elements in my approach to implementing injury prevention programs like Safe Patient Handling.

My clinical experiences, particularly those related to manual patient lifting and moving, serve as valuable insights. My commitment is towards reducing caregivers’ risk of injury while maintaining the high quality of patient care. I am proud to have shared my expertise in several articles in American Nurse Today, the official publication of the American Nurses Association.

My consultancy services in Safe Patient Handling and injury prevention have brought about positive changes in several U.S. hospital organizations, including St. Joseph Hospital in Houston, TX, University of Alabama Birmingham Hospital in Birmingham, AL, Baptist Hospital South in Jacksonville, FL, and Mercy Hospital in Miami, FL.

As the healthcare sector evolves, I am committed to leading the change in patient handling practices, transitioning from traditional lifting techniques to an evidence-based approach with patient-lift technology. I am excited to guide your organization’s transition to safer patient handling, ensuring the wellbeing and productivity of your caregiving team.

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