Starting an Injury Prevention Program, like Safe Patient Handling, needs a deep grasp of how to smoothly integrate mechanical lifts into settings where patient care is provided.

While the healthcare field has traditionally valued personal touch and empathetic interaction as integral parts of healing, it’s critical to recognize that these principles can peacefully coexist with the implementation of patient-lift technology. This shift isn’t just possible; it’s fundamental in today’s healthcare climate.

Roric, a respected professional with over twenty years of nursing experience across a range of hospital environments, can effectively guide the integration of patient-lift technologies into these settings. This integration respects the classic humanistic approach, blending it with the application of patient-lift devices in routine clinical practice. Roric’s profound understanding of clinical cultures facilitates the creation of injury prevention strategies that uphold quality patient care while promoting safer methods for caregivers.

When you choose Roric, you’re opting for a consultant who understands patient care from a hands-on perspective. His deep knowledge of clinical operations underpins his recommendations, which synergize a contemporary, patient-centric approach with the use of patient-lift devices. The goal of Safe Patient Handling and Mobility programs under Roric’s leadership is to nurture effective teamwork between direct care staff and support services, reducing the risk of injuries associated with manually lifting and moving patients.

Institutions like St. Joseph Hospital in Houston, TX, University of Alabama Birmingham Hospital in Birmingham, AL, Baptist Hospital South in Jacksonville, FL, and Mercy Hospital in Miami, FL have placed their trust in Roric’s expertise and guidance. Join the growing list of satisfied clients who rely on Roric for their injury prevention needs, and take a step towards building a safer, more efficient healthcare environment.

Contact Roric today to discuss how to evolve your organization’s patient care practices and create a safer working environment for your caregivers. This collaboration is a step towards the ongoing success of your organization.