“Roric Hawkins was an excellent expert witness for a personal injury case with complex issues.  His knowledge of safe patient handling, articles and studies, along with his diligent efforts, helped shape our legal theories and led us to asking the right questions at depositions.  For expert witness work, Roric Hawkins would be our first call.  Thanks for a job well done!”

                  – Erik Knockaert

                    Schreiber Knockaert, PLLC



“Dear Roric,

Thank you for your helpful website and specifically your White Paper on Making the Connection Between Injury Prevention and Clinical Practice. With the intent of sounding dramatic the paper was eye opening and brilliant- it was enlightening to read about WHY safe patient handling programs have been so difficult for nurses to adopt. I have read many papers and none of them actually talked about the issue from a nursing perspective in training and practice. As a therapist and ergonomist, I see SPH through the lens of my training. I was wracking my brain to understand nursing’s resistance to the use of overhead lifts – we have them in every room – yet they are rarely used. Your explanation and suggested solutions helped my understanding and will guide my actions. Your insights will continue to help me and the amazing nurses I work with to actually “make the connection”.”

With gratitude,

             – Susan Hardesty MS, OTR

               Occupational Therapist | Ergonomics | Burn Therapy

               Team Leader, Rehabilitation Services

“I was recently contacted by Nuclear Medicine re ceiling lift installation. Panic struck my heart – briefly – before I remembered that Roric had prepared me well at the SPHM conference. 

Of course, I still have a lot to learn, but I was able to identify areas of need and even address a few of them right away.

Heartfelt thanks!!”

              – Jeri

“I’ve known Roric for many years as a friend and professional colleague. He’s a great team leader and inspires his teammates to give their best. His dedication and tenacity sets him apart from the masses. There’s no challenge too big for him and he always delivers on time.”

            – Eric Taylor, RN, MSN, APRN, FNP-C

“Talent as an educator unparalleled”

– Maj Sangster-Clarke

“Outstanding dedicated officer”

– Maj Sangster-Clarke

“Reliable, competent, extremely hardworking”

– Maj Sangster-Clarke

“Displays strong clinical acumen and a natural ability to communicate effectively”

– Maj Randolph

“Distinguished himself as an outstanding clinician and officer who always places the organizational mission ahead of his own personal goals”

– Mary Ann Van Petton, Head Nurse

“A sterling officer with a desire to excel at all endeavors”

– LTC Schmidt

“Possesses a take charge attitude and makes things happen with amazing results”

– LTC Weber

“His willingness to mentor colleagues and subordinates operationalize difficult clinical tasks, and motivate others towards success all marks him as a top caliber nurse manager.”

– LTC Schmidt